Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July Update...

Here we go... Starting us off is the 4th of July. Unfortunately due to the insane heat we did not hit up the Castalia parade. We did tape the Boston fireworks so E could watch them and she freaked out and did not want to watch them but once we started them she was fine. Now she wants to go to a Mudcats game to see more fireworks : )

A note about some of the pics from this month... E is obsessed with taking pics with R so every other morning we have a little photo session in my supremely awesome chair. Every mom needs a chair like this... Anyway....

R has been enjoying her jumper and jumping with E. She loves it when I sing bouncing bouncing bibis and when E jumps with her!

The girls and I headed down to Wilmington to hang out with some UNC friends. We headed out to the pool. Hopefully Erin got some better pics of the girls then I did. E was skeptical of the water as usual. R chilled out for most of the time but at the end I took her in and put her under. She was not really mad about it. E had an intense meltdown on the way out... About skipping those naps....

Somehow R always ends up getting smushed in these pictures but then when she leans on E - E freaks out and screams no R no R - mama she's touching me. It is highly comical.

I have no idea about where E got the idea with her hands???

Thumb eating big sis, toe eating little sis

I LOVE how E sleeps. She is still a good afternoon napper and when she does not get her nap... watch out!

E and Papa mowed the grass one afternoon and now Papa cannot escape mowing the yard without her

R is way into her toes - but not much for the thumb. She is still not into rolling from back to front yet. She loves the jumper and it is alot easier to put her in that rather than have her on the mat and then screaming 7 minutes later.

R has learned how to scoot in the crib and when she is really mad about her nap she will wedge herself into the corner and I will have to drag her out... Silly bee-let

I LOVE R's expression... I was not kidding when we do group photo sessions often!

I broke down and gave R food despite trying to hold out to 6 months. It was not a sleeping thing or anything like that - she seriously tracked every fork, spoon or cup that we raised to our mouths. I think I started her off on bananas which make for some interesting diapers then apples, peaches and carrots. Forget baby food and bibs. It is so much easier/cheaper/tastier to crush up the real deal and take her outfit off and then do a big rinse after. Bibs are just so germy - or at least in my mind.

I have no idea...

Probably one of my newest favorite pics of the girls. I cannot wait for R to start toddling around with E because they both are going to LOVE it. Well maybe I can wait a few months but I just know that they are going to be best friends which makes the daily grind all worth it.

Lee/Deacon Joseph - I still have not wrapped my mind/finger around call him that had a birthday so E was thrilled about the prospect of cake and Rocky Road - which I cannot stand, well its tolerable but in ice cream are not too tasty to marshmallows me. For Lee's birthday I got him some pretty sweet seats at a Nats game for when we go to DC.

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