Monday, August 6, 2012

Signs of the End of Summer - Part 1

Our life is very much defined by the seasons in this house - mainly because pool season can be such an all consuming 3 months 5.5 months for Papa. So late last night I was pleasantly reminded having an identity crisis over the fact that E is going to be in preschool in less than a month. Hello... how did that happen??? So I am exciting that school means the fall is well on its way I cannot believe Miss Independence is going to actual school.

I have been talking to her about preschool. I ask her what she is doing in September and her excited response is "two-year-old class" - which does require some interpretation for the untuned ear. She knows her teachers names. I ask her what she gets to bring to her 2-yr-old class and she shouts - BOOKBAG!

This is one way I figure she can visually understand the difference between MMO and preschool - because they are at the same place. She will continue to bring her tote bag to MMO and then a bookbag to preschool. Enter new bookbag. LL Bean has the best bookbags from way back - I still have one of mine from high school (gasp). So I show E the backpack options and not to my surprise she goes for the pink polka dots. She makes me smile.

Cannot wait to learn what this preschool adventure will hold.

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