Thursday, July 21, 2016

7QTs - Pools, water slides and tubs



It seems like all I've been doing lately is working and going to the pool. Surely that is not the case but summer swim team keeping us busy!

R mid air!

She's been putting her face in and blowing bubbles (such a huge improvement!)

E has given breast stroke a whirl and is holding her own!

We got the pink google situation worked out - the first ones I picked out because they were $3 and I needed a bump to get free shipping, weren't working out so please note I have made good on the blue ribbon promise

Sno-balls  for post meet treat!

I got a brain freeze from gulping down some of R's when she got in the car!


Because we cannot get enough water at the pool... 

please let the record state, I am a cool mom who let's the kids set up a makeshift water slide

And get super muddy and gross. 

If we EVER do an addition on this house it will include a bathroom in the garage area that is complete with toilet and shower area for situations like these. 


I have no idea what this was but it was insanely good. Lee missed his calling as a chef. So appreciative when he has the time to display his culinary handiwork!


We couldn't get enough of the pool so we go back even for non-practice days!

Either that or we have nothing else to do in this crazy humidity!


We got a bunch of blueberries and froze them for smoothies

That's what the water/vinegar looked like after washing 2+ gallons worth of blueberries. Also, we had smoothies one night for dinner (we were having breakfast for dinner which is a total last minute dinner hack) and those blueberries plus the fresh peaches that we processed and froze = MUY BUENO!


The bookworms took 42 books to the beach...

Fortunately we found them all and they made it safe and sound back to the library. 


The two littles doing things that E and R got to do all the time...

Bath time used to be a big deal and a staple around here with E and then with E and R. But who has time for that? It's probably why the kids love taking baths at Grammy's and Jibbe's because we have them so infrequently here. We do shower them occasionally and A does get a bath in the sink. But there's nothing like a good old fashion draw the water and get in the big ole bathtub kind of bath. Especially when the big sisters aren't there to monopolize the toys and space :  ) 

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