Thursday, December 21, 2017

7 Quick Takes - Snow, Swim, School

Linking up with Kelly and co... Going from newest to oldest because I could probably do 4 posts just to catch up


We survived the end of year / Christmas programs and party rush. 

E and R had their program but I went to the dress rehearsal (because I got 2nd row seats and didn't have to wait in the cold for 30 minutes) but also because A would not have survived the program at 7:30. So everyone enjoyed it. E was an angel and R was a sheep - along with just about everyone in the school. I heard for DAYS... I just don't wanna be a sheep - in the saddest voice ever. Anyhow she powered though and was an excellent sheep - my rendition of one of the song Shaggy, Smelly Kids had the girls giggling. M's program was great and we could hear her sing and say her Bible verse. 

E and R had parties that I didn't go to but all the remnants came home in their book bags and I am blown away by all the STUFF that R came home with. I (and she) totally appreciate the thought but I did not and cannot send in goodies for everyone in her class because then I'd have to do it times 4 kids and that would be 60 goodies. Even A came home with a pudding cup with reindeer antlers and a eyes and a nose (very cute I must say) but honestly I can BARELY get the teacher gifts out the door. I cannot fathom doing classmate gifts too. 

M wanted me to come to her party which entailed watching her eat : ) and stories, songs and Bible verses. It was cute and enjoyable but then she came home telling everyone there was no food at her party - which I promptly reminded her that was a lie and then we went over the consequences for lying... apple cider vinegar. 


This past week we were in town for church. Papa was on deacon duty here in the Mount and so I figured if I can handle 5 kids at Mass sola - I can handle 5 kids at Dunkin after mass sola... 

They did do quite well in church so they earned it. A made it in church up until he wanted to help the ushers take the gifts up and got called back - then he LOST it. He got it together and then was in and out for the rest of Mass - which isn't too bad for him. 

Donuts were enjoyed by all and C slept through the sugar rush : ) 


On Saturday I got down to baking because teacher/neighbor/friend/people who deserve pound cake gifts were in order. I made 6 batches in total - 3 Saturday and 3 Tuesday and I'm pretty sure I could use another batch or two

We have lots of people who help make our world go around so that means lots of pound cake

Then the kids unwrapped 8 bags of hugs for our sweet and salty M&M bites. I was impressed A helped and didn't even try and sneak one. Next year I need to use parchment paper with these and I could probably use another 2-3 bags of hugs!

Hopefully next year E can do the bulk of the M&M pressing and hug loading. 


R lost her first tooth!

It had been loose for a while and finally one day after school I wouldn't let her got play until it was out because I was convinced she was going to lose it or swallow it while she was playing. She nervously grabbed a Kleenx and popped it out herself. 

She was super proud of herself and E got put it her place because E was a nervous wreck everytime she loses a tooth. E noted that R didn't even cry. It was awesome. 

The tooth fairy remembered to come so all is well. 


We have had some swimming to report... 

I finally got R and M in for lessons and then I didn't think they'd happen before Christmas but fortunately they found someone to do them. The girls are having a blast and beg to go to lessons so I hope they can be free swimmers before the end of winter - it might be a stretch though

E had a swim meet a few weekends ago. She did a 50 and 100 of LEGAL breaststroke - which is awesome considering a few months ago it was still very much not legal. She almost got a time in 200 IM but those last few strokes of fly DQed her or rather she got herself DQed : ( 


The weekend of E's swim meet there was a touch of winter weather... 

So after surviving returning to Target because we were double charged for a birthday gift

And surviving the party with 4 kids - Y pool party complete with me in a bathing suit and showering kids in Y locker room because that's way easier than at home

Everyone got a small taste of snow

And then we went to a Christmas party - see the snow?



These magic clear markers from Crayola are amazing especially for A. Last minute gift ideas for the 2-4 crowd. 

have you finished shopping? I think we are done. 

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