Monday, December 18, 2017

St. Nicholas Day 2017

Coming home from late night Vespers and setting up for St. Nicholas without Papa's help is not fun but it's totally worth it.

There were some tough decision made in regards to what to give St. Nicholas (our kids have to go through their toys and give St. Nicholas a pile to take). Even Lee commented about some of their selections but WE CANNOT KEEP EVERYTHING! Lee went through his closet and gave St. Nicholas a huge bag to take! 

This is one of my favorite scenes... the darkness, the candles, the peace, the excitement

We were at church late the night before and it was an early morning. I think I should just plan on taking the kids to school late every St. Nicholas Day. 

We have everyone go in together so there is no peeking. 

A was excited and confused

St. Nicholas brought Papa and I a Charlie Brown nativity set - we needed a new one and this is super cute! 

Everyone else got cereal, a book, toothpaste, soap, and socks. E had written a note to St. Nicholas so I wrote her back (for him of course) in cursive : ) 

Then we feasted on cinnamon rolls and caught up on Jesse tree

C did not get any rolls

A was a sticky mess

M perked up 

R wanted another

E might have actually gotten another

Next year I'd like to be a bit more up on my St. Nicholas game and get the girls icons of the saints they dressed up as for All Saints Day - I think this really help them remember but I struggled this year to find a Our Lady of the Snows Icons. I think I might get peg dolls for Pascha baskets. I had thought about signing them up for a monthly Lego delivery but I thought better of it since we have had medical expenses out the wazoo this year. 

St. Nicholas, pray for us!

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