Saturday, January 13, 2018

7QTs - Snow, Christmas and Advent

Linking up with Kelly and co... Going from newest to oldest...


My snowy bear

The snow is gone... We had our fun but it was up to 70 today and is headed back into the 30s tomorrow : ( 


M reminds me so much of E in so many ways and putting together puzzles is one of them...

50 piece puzzle for the 4 yr old in the books... except E just would have done it and moved on. M wants me to see it and know if she gets extra dessert because she did something good. riiiiiiight!


C is FINALLY on team bottle... 

Which is insanely helpful because I have a quick work trip that she is not privileged to. More on that later 


All the Christmas presents have been absorbed for the most part...

I haven't tried out my new goggles yet but I did manage a trip to the elliptical this week which was great

Working on Christmas Thank You notes... I still need to get a few out!

The tree is still up. I think A is really going to miss it. He keeps on saying lite treeeeee. lite treeeeeee. I cannot find his baby ornament which is of some concern so maybe it will turn up in clean up?


These 2 were ready to go back to school.

They were totally at each other's necks the last week of break and nit picking (now that I know that actually has to do with lice) each other and just generally being really an


A-isms of recent... 

He will grab the stool from the bathroom and attempt to get involved with whatever is going on

He rarely gets dessert these days because he doesn't eat much dinner unless it is steak or ham but when he does he loves it

He looks really cute in this hat

His hair can get really wild with static

He LOVES going with Papa in the truck. He saw E and Papa go to swim practice and fitfully watched them leave because he didn't get the nod to go too


Just to round out the Advent season a few weeks late...

We did make it to the graveyards to pray on 12/23... nothing like the late minute

And we continued the neighborhood tradition of passing out Christmas goodies and added a note with a plea for people in our neighborhood to SLOW THE HECK DOWN ... I'll keep you posted on that progress

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