Tuesday, February 6, 2018

7QTs - The Flu of 2018

Linking up with Kelly and co... The flu of 2018


Let's talk about the flu now shall we? 

IT has been forever since I wrote a blog post but it all started with R about 3 years weeks ago. She came home and took a nap after school and it was down hill from there for her. She was out Tuesday-Friday. One day she went up to bed after lunch  and she did not emerge until the next morning. We made multiple trips to A. make sure she was breathing and B. to make her drink some juice. I picked her up early Monday just so she could give her system an extra rest. That day I started feeling bad but brushed it off for a cold because we had beat the flu with only one of seven in the house getting it. Wrong so wrong. 

Tuesday wasn't great but wasn't terrible. Wednesday I barely had the energy to move around but I shlepped the peeps to school and get to work and sit down and within minutes get a call that A has a super high fever. I didn't dress him that morning so I have no idea how he felt that morning. Check him and M out head home and call the dr. This is the gist of the conversation:

Nurse - Has it been exposed to the flu?
Me - Yes his sister had it but it was unconfirmed but she had a fever for a week etc 
Nurse - Sounds like the flu
Me - We think so
Nurse - So you can bring him in and we can test him, that is no problem. If he doesn't have the flu when he comes in, chances are he'll walk out with it because we are diagnosing the flu left and right. 
Me - Perfect 

Plus Tamil is expensive and that office doesn't usually give it to kids unless there is a preexisting condition and you have to catch it early enough in the first place.

So we opt not for the doctor. And A and I hunker down. He is super snuggly and I don't care because I'm sick too and if I had been well I would not have wanted to snuggle up with him like I did. So A and I were roommates for a while. Papa has been on the couch for over a week. 

Anyhow, back to my story. So the night of the day I checked them out from school I get a text saying M had thrown up at Family Reading Night at school. So I text Lee and wait for a call because clearly he's not going to answer...

They get home, M is burning up and gets a check for the flu and away we go.

Me - So you were cleaning up throw up in your cassock?
Lee - Yeah it was a sight to see
Me - I'll bet


The whole time...

Why are you feeding me and putting me right back down and not loving me up? 

Because I'm trying to not get you sick, kid. 

C was a trooper. I missed kissing her and snuggling her. One day I made her stay up late just so Lee could hold her because she hadn't been held all day - other than me feeding her. 


A in true fashion fell hard and bounced back quick... 

Which tells me he either had and it had it bad or he didn't have it. Wednesday was the day he came home from school and basically didn't move until the next morning but once he did - he was back to normal. Not the week long deal that R and M had but honestly I cannot imagine A being mopey for a week. The balloon has brought lots of entertainment for him!


Last week was Catholic Schools Week so the schedule was crazier than normal...

Dress down day. Add color to uniform day. Field trip. Talent show. 

Field trip - Volunteer to take minibus full of kids. Get sick. Pass keys off to husband. Proof that the Holy Spirit is at work in his life. Never would he ever imagined his Kindergarten teacher (from the same Catholic school the girls are at) who is now the principal, riding shotgun in his minibus, chaperoning 2 of his daughters and a small handful of their classmates on a field trip. If  you asked him that 15 years ago, he would have laughed in your face. 

Talent show - sad I missed it but there was good family representation. Over the weekend R got treated to a weekend at Hotel Grammy and Grandpa Joe while E swam. 


I tried to find ways to interact with C without touching her.

She loved it when I clapped and she bounced. She also discovered the ceiling fan moved when I turned it on - which she loved. 


We worked on C sitting up... 

Who needs a Bumbo seat when you've got a half full laundry basket. 


A discovered heat comes out of the vent

I'm not sure why it took him so love to discover the heat wave but it acted so surprised . It was great. 

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