Monday, February 19, 2018

Someone is Six

Last weekend we celebrated R's 6th birthday!

We did our usual family plus one friend gathering. R requested pizza (and veggies) plus a cake made by Grammy with cherry (????) frosting. 

These two have been friends since they were teeny tiny. And while they don't go to school together anymore they still keep up with each other on the tee ball field - which were are gearing up for another season in a few weeks!

I'm quite sure she had a great time since she received a few Barbies and accessories plus some Lego sets and a few passes to do things with Grammy and Grandpa Joe. Oh and a needle point kit you do NOT want help with. 

I wasn't sure how you were going to take to Kindergarten R, I really didn't. You have to walk behind some really big shoes around school and we try not to put you in the same mold. However, you have done great with reading and spelling and you made it through all your sight words (even though you are a guesser and it drives me and Papa crazy). I love listening to you talk about school because it is nothing like the reports I got from school 2 years ago. You actually tell me about your day and your descriptions of what goes on is awesome. 

You just learned how to swim by yourself so I think with a bit more practice you'll be ready for swim team this summer. We will see what the spring holds for tee ball but no doubt you will have some fun. 

You have taken more of a big sister role since C is here. You have a special eye for your brother and are pretty patient when playing with him because he does like to break things. You will read stories to M and I love listening to you retell stories because sometimes they are spot on and other times you totally just make them up. 

Keep on being the girl I need to have eyes and ears to talk to. We can't wait to see what 6 has in store for you!

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