Tuesday, February 20, 2018

7QTs - Valentines, Laundry, Goggles

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Laundry seems to be a bigger chore than it was in the past...

I am still married to my only-do-wash-on-Saturday philosophy and I can usually get it done but it doesn't ever get all the way put away or there are a pile of mismatched socks on the chair or the uniforms are still hanging up in the bathroom and need to be fluffed.

Attack of the laundry MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Splash away little girl!

She didn't even try to take them off for a few minutes : ) 


Speaking of goggles... 

M and R have had some good swim lessons this winter. Last winter I think I only got a few session in 

But this year we've gotten more than a few which is great because R is basically swimming by herself. She is still working out the whole side breathing thing and I still would keep a close eye on her but she's going to be rocking out this summer in the 6 and unders. M is close and she can swim as long as she doesn't have to take a breathe. 


Valentine's Day... The 2018 Catholic conundrum not to be confused with Pascha/Easter falling on April Fool's Day. So Valentine's Day this year fell on Ash Wednesday but as Eastern Catholic we started Lent on Monday BUT since our kids go to Latin Catholic school they go to Mass for it and with Papa Deacon being attached to a Latin parish sooooo... Ash Wednesday all around except not because Ash Wednesday is a penitential day but there were still parties at school (don't understand it, but not worth the fight) and preschool (not Catholic) so it was a wacky day. 

Which consisted of some prepping of class Valentines (and I already got Valentines for next year at Target for 70% off )

Our family Valentine's celebration was moved to Tuesday donuts, card and flowers all around






There were entirely too many sweets that crossed the threshold of the house but since it is good 'ole Lent we have select dessert days in addition to our Lent fasting and abstaining and praying and alms giving. 


E went to summer camp for AHG and received a few badges for her activities

She is super pumped about her badge-filled vest and cannot wait to go back again next year!


There is something therapeutic about doing a fresh box of Legos. 

R and M and I did a new set of R's Saturday afternoon. They are not too much help but I enjoyed it. The family project remains doing Eclipso's castle from Christmas but that requires E and Papa


C fell asleep like this at work the other day.

She is fresh off the 8 month mark and still coming to work with me. She is still nursing. She loves her yogurt breakfast and jar food (yes the actual glass jars and not the pouches because hello landfills) with a side of banana for dinner. Still no teeth to speak of but they are all probably going to come in with a vengeance. My favorite time to watch her is in her bouncer/jumper thing and in the morning when I bring her out of her room and all the other kids are at breakfast and tell her good morning or hi-hi. She lights up at them and they light up when they see her. 

I'm not sure why it took him so love to discover the heat wave but it acted so surprised . It was great. 

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