Thursday, January 24, 2019

7QTs - The Space Between

Linking up with Kelly ... the time in between trips


Yes you read it correctly. We got home from one trip and then I was to be off on another trip in a mere 8 days. If my calculations are correct I will have been in the country for 14 days of January and outside the country for 17. I'm at the tail of the second trip and I can tell you it's been a blast, it has been stressful, it has been fun but I'm ready to spend some time in the 252. 


Now, I think I left off with us getting home somewhere around the 1:30 AM timeframe on January 9th. The troops got an extra 15 minutes of sleep and we were off to school and work. I actually had a meeting that morning and managed to do all the drops in record time considering we hadn't done it in 3 weeks and everyone was short on sleep. 

The big girls came back with a mountain of make up work - it amazes me all they do in one day and of course a week. We powered through that in somewhat manageable schedule.

I broke my laundry rule and started the day we got back. I am pretty sure all the trip clothes were put away (and some summer stuff just stuffed in a closet) by the time I left on my trip. That was a feat. 


E and R had a swim meet a few days after we got back.  

It was close so it was manageable. R did great in her 25 free and E didn't sink or get DQed in the 200 IM. Also, let's discuss how hard it is to find a pink racing bathing suit. I scoured a few sites and found this one for R from a few seasons ago - at the price point I wanted. I think she likes it. 


Morning problems....

It got really cold the week we got back so morning swim took a bit longer. Just a few back and forths up the driveway and voila! a clear windshield


While on my sola trip I left the crafting part of E's Native American project in Lee's highly capable and crafty hands. 

E was set on doing model everything out of clay. (I bought blank peg dolls just in case that doesn't pan out)


R is a reading machine.

We are literally running out of shorter-ish books that she can read to us each night. But I picked up a few at the book library at the Y. I'd love her to be comfortable reading Rainbow Fairies and Junie B (I still don't love her but she does) or another beginner chapter book by herself but she doesn't think she's ready - which is fine. Thankful for Grammy's library and their seemingly endless easy reader section and Grammy for picking up the millions of books I reserve!


So more on my trip that is wrapping up in the next 40 hours soon. For now, just know that for all the people I have ran into on this trip and called me a SuperMom, I have reminded them I couldn't be here if it weren't for SuperPapa holding down the fort.

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