Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pascha 2019

He is Risen!

Well we survived Holy Week and all the church services that go along with it. I'd be lying if I didn't think we'd do terribly because Palm Sunday was ROUGH. Next year I need to remember that my children can get palms AFTER church. There was so much controversy surrounding the palms and who had what and why was this one bigger and let's rip the palm in half to get two palms... Church endorsed liturgical distractions I tell you!

Pascha was actually quite chilly - but dry. It rained ALOT Holy Week. I had to do a quick swap from sandals to tights for the girls but at least it wasn't raining and so the post church feast of City Chicken and Pascha cheese and lots of feast worthy goodies went off without a hitch. I told Lee I wanted to bring a pepperoni pizza but that plan got nixed because it was totally impractical and it wouldn't be fresh. 

Then we headed to my parents for basket hunts - some of which ended up hidden on the roof? and more really good food. The big girls stayed a few days and dyed eggs and made Easter cookies - which were some of the best if you ask me or Lee. The house was eerily quiet on Monday night at 7:30 - A and C were in bed and Lee and I just kind of sat and enjoyed the peace. Thinking back at one point or another it was always pretty quiet around 7:30 when E and R were 3 and almost 2. 

The volume around the house will certainly not be lowering anytime soon and come September it will be increased by one little person. Baby number six will be gracing us with his or her presence a month after school starts! We are very excited and honestly I am actually ready - as ready as one can get - for another baby. C is great but she isn't a baby any more. She is almost two with a lot of sass and spunk and opinions. I think everyone is on Team A Needs a Brother which is the only reason I'd even consider finding out boy or girl (but I didn't). Given our track record there's really only a 20% chance this baby is a boy and A has already declared this baby - his baby brudder. 

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