Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Seize the May

I was talking to several friends the past few days and reflecting on the next several weeks ahead. The month of May is a busy month for most I know - end of year EVERYTHING at school, spring sports, the beginning of summer and sprinkle in a birthday or two and Mother's Day and BAM your schedule can be filled to the BRIM. On top of that for me/us, Lee is not very available/present because pool season is in full swing. Thus, much of the rigmarole of May fall to MOI. 

It is kind of a grit-and-get-through-it month. It is also a month I'd in theory like to just skip because it is alot. But in my reflections and conversations, if I were to bury my head in the couch and not seize the month of May, I think I'll miss out on a whole lot. The soccer games. The birthday girl. The celebrations. The accomplishments. All because I don't have the right outlook and frame of mind. 

So the motto for May 2019 is, Embrace May and Don't Wish it Away. 

Here's to being present in May and not just rushing through it to throw the kids in bed. Here's to later than normal bedtimes and a stricter meal planning schedule. Here's to driving in many directions and being grateful for the opportunity to go to five hundred million things. Here's to Sundays and spending them with Papa. 

Here's to loving these kids - plus the two not pictured 

and teaching them what it means to be present for each other. 

May, you are going to be a busy month but we will embrace all you have in store.

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! For those who are hoping for a boy, it's not impossible - I had 3 girls, a boy ,then girl and #6 was a boy. My first son was so relieved when his little brother came a long - he was so henpecked by his sisters.
    May is crazy here - but now some of my kids are old enough to drive so the insanity gets distributed a little at least. Enjoy the spring!