Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Maybe it is fitting the last post I did was a bday post - though I've skipped one so backtracking will be required. Blogger finally decided to get with the program and allow the uploading of the HEIC pics from the iPhone so that is going to significantly help the blogging cause... 

With my mind on my Crunchies and my Crunchies on my mind

Sometimes when you are the sixth kid and your mom says you don't really need anything you end up with two massive balloons and tons of crunchies and yogurt melts. 

E and Papa took the reigns of cake baking since Grammy was tied up with wedding stuff. They made a white cake with chocolate pudding icing - big hit. 

It was windy and the candle didn't actually light but J loved being clapped to at the end of the song. 

He wasn't skeptical of the cake like some of his older siblings have been. 

Sweet satisfaction


Wanna share? 

First birthday success!

Happy birthday J! E has been asking me a ton if I can believe you are actually one and my answer is yes I actually can believe it. Your first year has been a wild ride from lice to tongue lasering to COVID to preschool. I can believe it. You are a quiet in the calm of the younger three. You just starting crawling in the last few weeks - which is fine by me. We weren't sure if you were ever going to eat food but now you love it - especially Crunchies. You love the pool and get super tan when you are in the sun. You are still nursing in the mornings and evenings making longer than any other Kibbe. Of recent you love it when I whistle and have moderate success whistling back much to your older siblings amazement. It sure has been a year unlike any other but your sweet snuggles and chilled out demeanor are welcomed light amidst the chaos.  

Just for your viewing pleasure, the outtakes it requires to get a HALFWAY decent pic courtesy of the class clown... 

The best of the best of us eight

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