Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Tenth Birthday that Wasn't...

E has been planning her 10th bday since about 364 days since her 9th birthday. I told her she could chose a party with all her friends (we don't do huge friend parties) or going out to a nice dinner with just me and Papa or whatever. She had decided on Harry Potter themed and either an escape room or Rip and Drip in the front yard. It finally got to the point in January and February I told her she wasn't allowed to discuss birthday plans until a month before her birthday. Well then COVID changed everything and we went back to our traditional family birthday and we are hoping to let her have her big friend party for the big ONE-ONE...
She was very particular about where she wanted people sitting and wearing her yellow sunglasses 

The big girls were suuuuuper excited about the gift they gave her because they knew she'd love it. Though I will say the watch that she was given has definitely been on her wrist ever since and if she wasn't our timekeeper before, she certainly is now and will set alarms to let us know when we should be leaving (I wonder who she gets from!)

Grammy's cake did not disappoint as usual

A decade has flown by with our first born, guinea pig!

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