Saturday, October 16, 2021

A is 6!

This week A turned the big six! 

We celebrated over the weekend with his requested Dirt and Worms cake - which is actually a cake (dessert really) that I got to make - Grammy and E (with Papa's help) are much better bakers than me. 

A is quite the busy guy. He loves to be outside getting dirty or doing a job. Hence the skateboard, boogie board, shovel and blower he got for his birthday. 

I made him close his eyes because I wasn't going to try to wrap a shovel. Currently A is into emptying the sandbox of all the sand, making piles of leaves to burn, burning leaves and cleaning off the playset with his blower. 

He has settled into K and made a few friends. He comes home from school EVERY day with his white uniform shirt FLITHY. But that shouldn't surprise us because this is him making sand angels after school before swim practice. He is enjoying swim team and soccer. C is still his best partner in crime even though they can fight terribly - they are great for each other if they are outside. A is taking J under his busyness wing and they swept out under the stairs in the garage over the summer. 

Who knows what the next year will hold for A but I'm sure it will be busy and dirt-filled. He said next year he needs to get a gas blower so he doesn't have to wait for the battery to charge on his new one : ) Spoken from the kid who poured gasoline in his plastic lawn mower a few years ago! 

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