Sunday, October 10, 2021

Update 7 of 7 - The Reno

The final installment of Updates... I DID IT!

The long process of getting to the reno started probably two years ago. It was just before COVID shut everything down that we really decided we need to go all in with our current house or move. Well we didn't move. We decided to make the reno process more livable by not doing it all at one time. Phase one was the right back side of the house. 

It started in January when the power company came to move the meter. (The cable company came too and it took three months to get them to rebury the cable line!) 

Then it rained for the entire month of February so the footers were not poured until the first of March. Lee and I were out there often with one of his pool pumps draining the footers out. 

This is the view you had walking in from the garage into the mud room / laundry room 

This is was the view for a good portion of the process. Getting the water and power run so they did not have to keep moving the washer and dryer back and forth was a game changer. 

This is the finished product. The barn door and the auto light that comes on when you walk in is really cool. 

The wine cooler fit nicely next to the duct work. And no we are not all much into wine but we never really had a spot so its the cooler now instead of a wine box in the front hallway. 

Yes there are nine cubbies and yes everyone counts them... because we have that many more cubbies to fill. 

Everyone already has all their cubbies full... 

Including Lee and I

Round the cubbies to the left is the back hallway. The only thing I've found so far I would consider changing is the opening between the pantry and this hallway. 

To the left is the chapel - which is a perfect media room 

But that's not what we will use it for

Then Lee's office which is currently full and when he finishes making the bookcases I'll write about that. 

Then there is the kids study/library. It is my favorite room of the project because they needed an escape from the noise where there aren't toys everywhere.

The window seat is great and I still need to get fabric for the cushion. 

We are still working on desk chairs 

And Lee is going to do a builtin bookcase for ALL. THE. BOOKS.

The view from the back door

The bathroom is right there so dirty feet won't traipse through the house for bathroom breaks and showers. 

We went with pebble tile in the shower and it is really cool and no rubber mat required. 

The lights are really neat. We weren't sure about them at first. 

Then next to the bathroom is the laundry room. We put a divided kitchen sink for soaking stuff 

The folding station with sock drawers underneath. Our contractor asked - you want me to make drawers for socks? I'm not a sock folder so all the socks get put in the middle drawer until they are paired up. Girls on the left and boys on the right. It sure beats the laundry basket of pairless-socks that was a figure on the fireplace. 

And the hanging racks. Between uniforms and bathing suits there are alot of clothes that get hung. 

Overall we are thrilled with how things turned out. There were times we wanted to pull our hair out and kept asking ourselves if we could even attempt phase 2 which would be kitchen and master bedroom so time will tell. For now we are enjoying our new spaces and freed up rooms so people can carve out spaces/rooms for themselves. 

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