Friday, November 19, 2021

Weekly Wrap #1

 Since there are no more Quick Takes : ( let's go with a Weekly Wrap of all things... 

~ 1 ~

The littles got to enjoy another tub and J was thrilled and H wasn't. I do feel like the littles miss out on stuff we did with our bigs when they were little so I try to relish in the little moments. 

~ 2 ~

Lady C can be super great with H

The flashlight was being shown off to H

~ 3 ~

I have a host of posts I need to do... end of soccer wrap, H's baptism and Halloween and All Saints Day

~ 4 ~

Lady C has been coloring instead of taking rests... 

I think we got the whole - color on the page not on your person - thing down now. 

~ 5 ~

A friend of mine told me about this dried okra in the veggie section

It was super great. Too bad they are a little pricey. 

~ 6 ~

Lady C had a turkey project... 

Meet Chicken the turkey... 

Yes I had to go out and get white feather just so C could make her turkey a chicken. 

~ 7 ~

A also had a turkey project to work on 

This Ironman - The Turkey. Crafting with boys is waaaaay different then crafting with girls. 

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