Monday, June 20, 2022

Spring Soccer Recap


I can OFFICIALLY say that spring soccer is in the books - as of about sundown on the first Friday of June. 


We reeeeeeeeally got ours moneys worth this season. 

E played because her mother thinks she needs to play a team sport. I mean then all the swim things happened so soccer got even more lower on the totem pole. E had a great team and some fun coaches so it made the season the more better. E almost scored a goal on her bday - because she was just that fortunate to have a game on the birthday. They ended up coming in second place and runners up in the tournament. 

R&M played together and I'm so glad they'll get to again in the fall. Their team was not the most talented but they were a very dedicated group. Both girls got a ton of playing time and learned how to lose with grace. One of the bottom of the barrel teams found their way into the championship game after a PK shootout the night before. It was an emotionally nerve wracking three days - especially because the season just have been over like 25 days ago. Even though they didn't get the result they wanted in the championship - definitely a reminder that sports are not just about winning and losing but also excellent character building opportunities. 

A had a fun go with his team. His age group is a tough age group to coach so I passed the buck on that. He loved every minute of practice and games. He is definitely looking forward to next season and maybe a soccer camp this summer if we can squeeze one in. 

C and the Killer Whales had a good season. C tried very hard to keep her emotions in check while on the field and was much improved from last season. C HATED when anyone else other than her scored a goal which is only a small problem. C was most excited for the season to be over but she'll be back in the fall for all the post game snacks 

The friends weren't on the same team this season but they are hopeful for the fall

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