Friday, October 27, 2023

Seven months of Twinning

 Or alternatively titled…

I haven’t Slept in Seven Months

The Gs are seven months old today. Crazy to think that it has been that long and crazier to think they haven’t always been here. They have fallen right in line with everyone else and all the activity. 

They are just over 14 lbs which is supposedly on the smaller side of average but when they were on the scales today they looked enormous. I just started jar food two weeks ago and they have taken to that. I was hoping that might push them over the sleeping thru the night edge but alas - still waking up for nightly snacks.

They have used a bottle since the day they came home from the hospital so that has been a super freeing aspect of not being able to nurse both of them 100%. I have been able to run to the store or pick people up or go on a run and they go between formula and BFing without a single issue.

The girls are so funny to watch. They hold hands and talk to each other and make each other laugh and cry and sometimes hit each other when they nurse together - it is really the best.

Twins hasn’t been a cake walk though. The not sleeping thing and taking two babies to work has been a challenge. I think they have gone with us to dinner the two times we’ve been out in seven months because I just can’t leave them - along with the rest of the bunch. Maybe if they weren’t 8&9 in line I would feel better about it? 

So how are they different? Personality wise they are pretty the same. The biggest difference I see is Gi LOVES to roll on her tummy and Ge LOVES to scoot around on her back and go all over the place.


  1. Oh my goodness, they are SO CUTE. Sounds like the past seven months have been a wild ride! But oh my how wonderful to have double of those sweet baby cheeks and tiny baby feet!

  2. Oh they are just darling! Wonderful names too. (Middle names G as well?) And they nurse and take bottles- that's just amazing. I hope they continue to grow in grace and beauty!

  3. They are ADORABLE! Now I want twin girls ;)