Sunday, January 21, 2024

December 2023

December seems like a lifetime ago...

The big 3 had their Christmas choir concert. I go to the rehearsals in the days leading up because two years in a row there were kids younger siblings so this is way easier and less stressful. It was amazing as usual and I am convinced the children's choir is one of the best kept secrets around town. 

The little three! 

Since we have to divide the kids up somehow in conversation or activities so thirds seems good to me. These girls are going to be into all the things before too long. 

The Gs! They are the best. They weren't sleeping through the night still in this month which is not a big deal when you get up once or twice with one baby but when you get up once or twice with two babies it is a little more of a struggle. 

The big three went camping with their AHG troop. E and R needed camping nights for their level awards in the spring and E needed a two night trip so this one fit the bill. We when to a state park about 40 minutes from the house so we left after school Friday and I could shoot home Saturday during the day to feed the (still nursing - yay!) babies and do the shopping run while Lee held the fort down. The girls hiked and played around for the day and made dinner and started the camp fire. Rain was in the forecast for Sunday morning so soon as we heard the first drop on the tent we were up and out of there - even in time to shower and get to 9 am Mass. Friday night was definitely colder than Saturday and I don't think my feet ever really got warm until Sunday afternoon. 

This was H in every other Christmas card picture attempt. The big three and even down to A and C know the drill for pictures. We are doing this until we get a good one so it can take 2 minutes or 10. 

2022 we used the family pics we had taken that fall as our card pictures. It was insanely easy mainly because I didn't have to take them and they were done in September so I could leisurely order cards. Not so this year and if you don't think I tried to squeeze in a photo session you are incorrect but between soccer games and swim meets nothing worked (plus coordinating outfits for 25 million people is no small task)

When the big 5 are at AHG and Trail Life I try and let J and H do things that we would have done with the older kids - like take baths. We are not much of a tub family because they take FOREVER and showering littles in much more efficient but way less fun for them. 

The Gs are enjoying their food selections... Ge is way better at picking up Cheerios but Gi has taken up crawling and scooting all over the place. So interesting the differences between them. 

We went to a swim meet and it felt like we were in outer space inside of the bubble that is put up over the pool so it can be used in the winter. 

E took on the pretzel/M&M treats. I can't think of who she got the organize by color idea from : ) 

M, A and C were in the school Christmas play. M was a narrator, A was a wise guy man and C was a pig. Which Lee and I still get a kick out of because if there was one animal not in the stable/cave it was NOT a pig. 

J and H had their Christmas program recorded so that was a nice gift - though I do miss the in person programs. J did have a Christmas party that I went to. 

The Gs enjoying the afternoon sun with Skittles. 

Then somehow it was time for Christmas and I replaced pregnant Mary with Mary and baby Jesus in our manger scene. I think I did that while the big four were at church Christmas Eve night - I did make it to church Christmas Even morning but Lady C was sick - fever  and really tired 12/23 and 12/24 so I missed Christmas Even vesperal Liturgy for the third time in four year - which is such a bummer. Between COVID and sick kids and having a deacon for a husband I'm the one who stays home. If we can see the sickness on the horizon I can usually squeeze in getting to church somehow but I tuned into Christmas Eve Mass - which is never the same. 

We faked it to make our Christmas pic and our neighbor snapped a few before the church goers left for vesperal Liturgy. 

The stockings were hung and Mama got even more motivated to get As stocking done because I am waaaaaaay behind on them. 

I'm warming up to the faux tree. It is nice to not have to deal with needles all over the place and fluffing the faux tree is a real thing. 

Grammy and Grandpa Joe with their grandkids on Christmas!

We had an action packed first and second day of Christmas with lots of food and family and gifts. My favorite part is sitting around the table at breakfast and singing Christmas carols in between bites of egg bake and coffee cake. 

This is what the twins thought when I told them they were starting daycare in January : ) 

9 months with the twins! Nine months always causes me to pause and reflect more than every month milestone because of the 9 months in / 9 months out thing I guess. We had no idea it was twins until about 4 months but still so much has changed in our life in the last 18 months - and while it has been chaos at times there is definitely peace underneath it all knowing we are doing God's work, raising these souls that He has entrusted us with

J and H wanted in on the 9 month photo action

And that's how that last month of 2023 went down. 



  1. Gosh I know twins are a lot of work (those sleepless nights!) but they ARE SO ADORABLE!!! I'm sorry you had to miss Mass, Christmas just doesn't hit the same without it, but you did the right thing. Love the family photos, you guys look like you are all thriving :)