Sunday, January 16, 2011

A few of my favs...

This post I will digress from Bibita details and mention a few things that make my life a bit easier...

1. Grandmas who shower the bibis with lots of love and attention (and lots and lots of clothes)
2. Bouncers and jumpers to contain E so she does not roll out of the door
3. Britax carseats. This weekend we just upgraded E's carseat because the carrier is getting a bit cramped. Not only is the Britax probably one of the safest carseats out there, its assembled right in Charlotte , NC but it is so easy to install. You have to check them out they are so great and they last forever!

4. Clothes that last! E was fortunate enough to get several boxes of her cousin's clothes and in it was a bunch of Hanna Andersson stuff. These clothes are made to last and they are amazingly cute! So, I ventured online and placed a post-Christmas order for E for the fall. I am so excited!!!

Also, this weekend I was reminded just hope precious life is. No need to go into details but sometimes I forget how blessed our little family is. So take some time out in your life and count all your blessings.

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