Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's in the Diaper Bag?

Okay, so I was inspired by a blog I follow for this post. Basically Kate opened her purse took a picture and posted it. It was surprisingly interested and I was intrigued so... for my own spin off that post here we go.

1. Eddie Bauer diaper bag - Seriously I do not like this diaper bag at all. I am currently searching for another bag. This bag is not good because the straps get twisted up like crazy and that is annoying and looks strange. I am thinking about upgrading to an LL Bean zipper tote.

2. Pampers Little Movers - Diapers of course! Its a diaper bag. I like the Pampers but I am going to give the Sam's Club diapers soon so I'll report.

3. Wipes - An essential for diapers and all situations.

4. Plastic grocery bags - For stinky diaper disposal.

5. Butt Paste and other assorted diaper rash creams. We have not had a really bad bout with diaper rash but I fight it preemptively.

6. Crocs - Totally necessary because they are so darn cute! Even though E is much more interested in chewing on them rather than wearing them, but ESSENTIAL!

7. Pile of socks - E's favorite activity is taking off her socks. Really the only way to keep anything on her feet is with tights.

8. Hand Sanitizer. I'm not a complete germ-o-phob but I am getting there.

9. Blanket. Its winter!!!

10. Nursing cover. This is a great nursing cover because it has a little peep hole so you can see what the beebster is doing and still be covered.

11. Puff-lets. Well actually the Gerber Puffs are not in the pic because we are fresh out but Puffs are a MUST!

What is essential in your diaper bag???

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  1. Love it! I'll let you know about my diaper bag when the time comes... haha.