Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas, Travels and SNOW

In no particular order...

I think the snow and Christmas were pretty much one big hectic event and the travel just kind of happened. So Lee, the beebster and I headed to Church Christmas Eve for Liturgy and a potluck. The Zs was particular great given the fact that it was way past she bedtime. The next morning was of course the First Day of Christmas. Excellent! E was slightly confused by it all and was way more interested in eating the wrapping paper and boxes. She scored some cute outfits, games and of course Dr. Seuss books! My mom made this insane breakfast bake which was gone with about 4 hours. Dinner was a treat because we ate using the fine China and silver. I think I can count on one hand how many times that has happened. So great times with the McV's without a doubt.

Then old man winter decided to make things super interesting for the RMT Christmas celebration on the Second Day of Christmas. Lee, the bibis and I packed up an headed back late Christmas night to beat out the snow storm. Usually it snows in NC and about 2-4 inches shuts things down. Well they were predicting 10-12 inches. Awesome. We made it home without problem the next morning was another story... It was Sunday so we figured if we were going to venture out and church is some what on the way to Lee's moms then what the heck.

We piled into Lee's massive work truck and hit the streets. It was quite snowy and we really expected to be the only ones there but low and behold the OLPH people were there complete with organ! It was impressive. Then off to the Kibbe Christmas. The food was great and E loves spending time with her cousins!!! Again she got some really fun toys and books and Puffs. I think the Puffs may have been one of E's favorite presents. She loves eating Puffs because they melt in her mouth, she can pick them up on her own and she can fit about 3 in her mouth on a good day.

15,5 inches of snow later we survive our first Christmas with a baby. For our next feat... traveling without the bibis. One of my good friends from UNC got married in New Orleans right before 2011 so Lee and I headed down south while E stayed with Grandpa Joe and Grammy. It was nice to not have her because she would have been horribly miserable and completely overstimulated but we definitely missed her! Lee and I hit Bourbon St, the Quarter Cafe DuMonte, Pat O'Briens etc etc and had a great time and great food.

We had a pretty quiet New Year's and 2011 has started peacefully so we are grateful for that. Lee has been keeping E at home because she is a rolling machine. I am hoping to work alot more from home and avoid putting her in daycare but we're still working out the details of that.

Oh and its snowing... again

****Blogger is really annoying me now with this pictures. For those of you who do not know me well enough I have very little patience for technology so you are going to have to match the pics with the events...

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