Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty Kitchen Day 1

I will digress from some baby posts and tell you about a project that is taking over our lives. Lee and I have a love-hate relationship with our kitchen. Lee loves cooking in it but cleaning it up it horrible because of the tiles that are the counter tops and back splash. Basically little coffee grounds are impossible to get up. Also, there is a hole in the laminate floor that was covered by a rug that make cleaning the floor no fun.

Lee and I decided to fore go our winter vacation this year in favor of remodeling our kitchen. We found a steal at Lowe's Home and Improvement on counter tops. We were okay with solid surface because we knew granite would be out of the question. When we went to Lowe's they had granite prices $3 more per square foot than solid surface (plus a free sink). We were sold!!! Lee is taking out the current counter tops to cut the cost and putting up the back splash and we are doing laminate floors probably from Sam's Club.

Here's to our kitchen renovation week!

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