Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby on the Move!!!

It has been a while since a post has been dedicated specifically to E and all of her adventures. Here goes... She is crawling around the house like a mad woman. She gets into EVERYTHING... Little E loves to pull herself up even though she is not allowed to touch everything. I am having some issues with my home office aka our coffee table within her grasp but whatever. Lee and I have had to cover up the outlets!!! I freaked out when she got really close to sticking her finger in one and that was it. The covers are cheap enough at Wally-world.

In other news E is getting two more teeth-ies so she is in some pain. She has been a supertrooper at Church this week. Holy Week = Lots of church and late nights. I'll post some Easter pics sooner rather than later (hopefully).


  1. Easter pictures please!! Is there a bonnet? I hope there's an Easter Bonnet :)

  2. Yeah... I need to work on that post. I have been a slacker...