Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missing You

My little bibis I left you for a short while.
Mama had to go and work, so you took a short vacation with Grammy and Grandpa Joe.
I thought of you when I could not squeeze you good bye - never ever wake a sleeping baby.
I thought of you sitting on the airplane.
I needed to hear you say "Ma-ma-ma-maaaaa"
I missed singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before night-nights.
I needed to snuggle with you in the morning.
I told everyone all about you and even showed them a few pictures.
I talked to you on the phone even though you would have rather played with the receiver.
I was so excited to finally get home to see my little bibis.
I watched you count sheep and dream away.
I waited to give you a squeeze because mama got home late - never ever wake a sleeping baby.
Grammy brought you down the next morning
I couldn't wait to wrap you up in my arms!
I looked at you and said "Hi Hi Bibis"
You looked at me and then started looking for the doggie.

Excuse my poem. I just thought that was the best way to convey my feelings about missing my bibis and her reaction to seeing me for the first time in 3 days. I went to Dominican Republic for work. I was thrilled to go, but bummed about leaving E (and Lee too). My mom offered to watch her while I was gone because things are getting busy busy at Swimworld. By E's reaction I know that she had such a great time staying with Grammy and Grandpa Joe. They went to the park to swing, they went on walks, they got a new toy and took all the bowls, spoons, pots, pans and spatulas out to play with in the kitchen. So while I was disappointed E did not want to come up and give me a huge squeeze, I am glad she had a fun time and that she did not miss me half as much as I missed her.

Here is a pic from Sunday...

Monkeying around with Uncle Kev!!!

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