Saturday, June 6, 2015

7QTs - Independent Toddlers and Dirty Floors

More of the same busyness and craziness... 

--- 1 ---

Sunday we got to spend more time with cousins and the girls kept on saying they had 'too much fun' on the car ride back... 

Cousin happiness : ) 

--- 2 ---

This has convinced me that M's personality is going to be very similar to E's 


This is her after me helping her put clothes on after she sat and unsuccessfully tried for 5 minutes... Seriously, I don't have time to have her TRY to put on clothes every morning. 

Oh and she did the SAME thing today except I gave her 20 minutes instead of 5 because it is Saturday

--- 3 ---
I've been eating tomato sandwiches for lunch this week...  

They've been awesome but I think I'll have to switch to plain tomato with salt and pepper for next week as my doctor has promised an 8 lb + baby EVEN though I'm doing pretty well in the baby weight department... 

--- 4 ---

M is definitely into the toddler stage of things... She doesn't wobble around and she'll say things like:

"Croks" "sh-uses"

--- 5 ---

I think I'd like to eat dinner outside everyday. We had taco boats for dinner one night - which is always a huge hit well R dumped her boat after loading it and taking a few bites. I didn't freak out or anything like that. I just put everything that was in her lap back on her plate and move on. 

Then she proceeded to dump her milk and that's it was over... 

That's when I wish Papa was home for dinner because he would have cleaned up the milk immediately but I left it until M was in bed and the girl had been rinsed and in pajamas. It is so funny the priorities that we have when it comes to cleaning up versus the bedtime process.

Also, I think I could run Roomba daily... 

But taking all the chairs out from under the table means I really only run it about once a week!

--- 6 ---

I took R to the doctor this week because she's had this lingering cough with NO other symptoms...

Diagnosis was not a prescription. I just wish there was something to dry up whatever is in her lungs that she coughs up in the morning and night!
--- 7 ---

Who knew cutting up a pineapple could be so interesting... 

Well it is when Papa's doing it and you will do anything to catch a glimpse of him during the summer : )


  1. I hope poor R's cough goes away! Could it just be allergies? And maybe it'll go away with the pollen?

    1. I know really! A trip to the pediatricians office is no joke! I think the pollen is mostly gone but I just need some Mucinex or something for kids that will dry up whatever the heck is in her lungs! Dimetap may or may not be working...