Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Maiden Adventure - Our First Swim Meet

First of many I'm sure... 

Ready to take all you even though I won't jump off the blocks : ) 

E and R are just doing the pre-race/pre-scoring squad of swimmers. So it's all or nothing. One lap down the lane with the coach in the water to assist (or in R's case carry). 

They were excited other than R stating she was ready to go right after warm-ups. 

The calm before the storm...

E looked like she actually knew how to dive off the blocks... 

Despite R's tough face she would not have ANYTHING to do with them : ) 

R's face in this pic pretty much sums up my motivation for doing kid activities that take hours and hours of time... work so my kids can have moments like this : ) 

Yay swimming!

Still going... 

Ribbons after the race... which were literally strips of cut ribbon. They were excited 

Fortunately the pre-racers get to leave after they swim which was great because it was insanely hot. We did stick around for them to see a few other races (inspiration for getting better at swimming)

E wasn't convinced and I think the only thing that might convince her is the team swim suit that  I promised and will make good on if/when she joins the ranks of the racing swimmers. 

R is lightyears away from swimming the length by herself by I'm just glad she's in the water and having some fun!

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