Friday, June 19, 2015

7QTs - Half-eaten fruit, completed puzzles and grazed cars

I'm blogging more than once a week.. It might be that second trimester blast of energy! except I'm pretty sure that hasn't shown up yet! : ( I won't bore you with any more pool pics because I did that yesterday!

--- 1 ---

Seriously R... 

Those were put in the frig for later consumption along with a half eaten (and peanut buttered) banana that E refused to finish until dessert was leveraged. 

--- 2 ---

This kid FINALLY finished a puzzle by herself... It only took her two times of me forcing a timeout on her so she would not breakdown of frustrations...  

I didn't touch a piece of the puzzle just held some of the already put together pieces still so she could connect other pieces to them. It is a cheap puzzle so the pieces don't want to stay together very well.

Let's say she was one happy girl when she finished!

I won't dig through the archives to find out when E did her first puzzle because I KNOW that would be unfair to compare... 

--- 3 ---
Father's Day is coming up and I've got to remember to order the tray of Chik-Fil-A nuggets for after church on Sunday. 

We got our cards and came across these... 

I'm not going there lest anyone be offended...

I've got a FANTASTIC Father's Day quote to share on Father's Day that might have made me tear up when I first heard it. That may or may not have something to do with the Fulton Sheen app I downloaded this week : ) (Side note, his humor in his talks is great!)

--- 4 ---

Saturday I had an overly epic day of laundry which is worthy of it's own post... I did presoak a few items... 


Bet you can't guess what and whose clothes were presoaked : ) 

--- 5 ---

M and her 'muck' and book... 

She's really starting to say things like blew-berry and squ-rrel. Fun stage. Messy stage.

Oh and she'd had several potty successes this week mainly because I'll do anything to not change a dirty diaper - like spent 5 minutes bribing her with mini chocolate bunnies leftover from Easter. Some times I win and sometimes I lose but the wins make it worth my while. Because clearly potty training is all about me : ) 

--- 6 ---

I have this really brilliant idea to help speed up our morning routines for next school year. It's called smoothie and muffin/granola.

Smoothie is full of protein to fill them up with good stuff and muffin/granola to help them feel like they've eaten something.


Because breakfast can be SO SLOW at our house and school starts 30 minutes earlier and I actually need to be on time. So that means we must leave our house 35 minutes sooner.

So I've been testing my smoothies out at dinner...

E liked the berry smoothie but not the peach - probably because I used half plain (gag!) and half vanilla (hello sugar!) yogurt so it was not as sweet. R refused both - and she's my main lollygagger in the mornings so I WISH she'd get on board! M had the most of anyone which is good because some days she eats and eats and eats and other days she just picks at her food. 

They'll probably be good for me with new baby come October (ekkkk that is soon!) since I don't need hands to drink a smoothie. 

I need some good smoothie recipes so hit me up. My thought is 5 smoothies to get us through the week. 

--- 7 ---

I had one of my finer more humbling moments of the week this afternoon.

I had about 50 yards to plan out what I was going to say and here's how it went down:

Me - Ummm.... I grazed your car with the van.
Lee - You what?!?!?!
Me - ...
Lee - You grazed it? What do you mean grazed it?
Me - I think you should come look at it... 

So fortunately his car is one of those plastic body Saturns from back in the day and he was more worried about the van because we have added several new serious scratches to it in the last month. There is one I still cannot figure out and it is definitely not the kids fault.

Hopefully Uncle Kev has some miracle buffer he can use on it - consider yourself warned Kevin : )

Seriously though. Everyday I back in and out of the garage and today was no different. Especially when E is asking 10000 million questions and asking, "Mama... (two words) mama, (five words) mama, (finish question)? Mama, (start next question)' - I CANNOT THINK STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I have a back up camera? 


Was I looking at it?

Clearly not.

Was I thinking about the little work van that I was going to have to maneuver around to get out of the driveway because Lee was cutting the grass?

YES. YES. YES. I had even decided the direction I was going to go around it as to not backup over the septic tank.

Did I remember I watched Lee pull his car up from grass and more into the driveway?


See totally messed me up because I NEVER have to worry about a CAR being in my way when backing up.

Nothing like a little puttin' in your place to start the weekend off right!


  1. Hey! Smoothies are yummy! We like apple juice and frozen bananas or for protein we do milk, ice, frozen banana and orgain protein creamy chocolate fudge...tastes like a milkshake...container is super pricey but we do one scoop instead of two and it's more of a special treat thing and it lasts forever.....for bananas we always peel first before freezing in a Baggie but my mom keeps peel on....don't know how that compares...your family is sweet and I enjoy the blog even though I rarely can comment...sorry about the car...I did that to my husbands 7 year old car with our 10 year old van recently...didn't know he had parked it in the driveway....anyway, it wasn't terrible and I'm just glad the kids weren't involved...but still I hated it and hated delivering that news...and that we won't be fixing it! Oh well! Have a good summer!!!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by! I've looked into that Orgain stuff for shakes but I didn't know they had a powder. I probably should try some apple juice instead of OJ but all the juices are just FULL of sugar!

      I learned the hard way about freezing bananas... I froze a bunch (literally) and then thawed them for some banana bread and they were super brown and watery and icky. Maybe they'd been in the freezer too long but now I ALWAYS peel them before.

  2. Yes! The endless car questions are, in fact, endless. My son begins every.single.sentence. with 'Hey, Mom.' Then he forgets what he was going to say and starts again, 'Hey, Mom.' He is 9! And now I am terrified that I am also going to graze my husband's car.

    1. Her "mamas" are seamlessly adding into whatever she is saying. It just flows so naturally!!!