Tuesday, December 20, 2016

20 Pregnancy Questions Answered

In no particular order, here goes... 

1. Q - From the nurse - was this pregnancy planned? 
   A - Seriously haven't we been through this enough to know that we happen to know what the deal is? Well, it was unplanned

2. Q - From the doctor, so, have you told anybody? 

    A - No. Dr - Chicken. Me - Yeah, I know but really I'm not ready for the questions and the commentary. (see question #1 as evidence; see next 18 question as further evidence)

3. Q - So are you getting a bigger van? 

    A - Hopefully not. YES. I had to edit that one. We were hoping to skate through one more baby before going to the MASSIVE van stage of our family life but I tried to put 2 Britax marathons and 1 Britax frontier in the third row (because 2 frontiers leaves about / / much space). Didn't work. Then I drove a third of E's class on a field trip and would you believe that even three backless boosters won't fit across the third row either?!?!?!?! So only way we could swing the mini is bebe, E and R in the second row and M and A in the third - climbing over high back Frontiers... which is super impractical plus at least A if not both, will require some help buckling. Needless to say a new (or new to us) van will be in our future. Big van drivers, I'm all ears. 

4. Q - How are you fitting 5 car seats in a mini? 

     A - I have no idea and I have 6 months to figure it out. We drive an hour each way to church at least once a week so I'm not ready to pull E and R out of 5 pt harness car seats yet... hence #3

5. Q - How are you feeling? 

    A - Not great not terrible. It's been the sickest I've been but it is manageable. #welcometo30andpregnant I've been exhausted most of the days and upping my sleep to about 8-10 hours a night. Usually I'm just 'done' by about 6:31 or before but sometimes I have to power through a book or two for the girls sake. 

6. Q - Are you excited? 

    A - This is a kind of weird question I think. Yes of course. Who is not excited about a cute, squishy baby? But let's be honest we aren't disillusioned about the amount of work that a baby and child requires. I've reminded myself and Lee that this is Good work because it's God's work but that doesn't change the fact that it's a lot. 

7. Q - Are you having twins? 

    A - No but I thought I might because I've felt so gross. One happy baby to report

8. Q - Are you going for a birthday every month? 

    A - Ummmm... sure my brother in law thinks that a good goal for us to shoot for

9. Q - What did the big sibs think?

    A - E cried she was so happy/excited and then promptly announced we'd 'just have to get a bigger van'. R is still wrapping her mind around things I think. E can get her excited about it. M doesn't really understand I'm quite sure though reported the other day she 'has a tiny baby in her tummy too'. A is blissfully ignorant 

10. Q - Boy/Girl? 

      A - It's a tad bit too earlier to find out, even if we wanted to - but we don't. I think the majority of people are on team boy for A's sake. Lee announced 'he'd be okay with A having a little sister' because A is just that loco. I have really tried to explain A's temperament in this way: at school he has his halo and white wings on every day. at home he is ornery with a side of really mad UNLESS he is outside. Hence he isn't the most pleasant to be around sometimes... 

11. Q - Names?

      A - Done. Names are picked before there's a baby to talk about so there's no changing of minds or arguing. The boy's names are my favorite combo and the girl's names are a Lee pick which I still cannot believe he chose the first name he did but we are both in agreement so whatever. Girl names are hard. He had a heavy hand in M's name and it fits her perfectly so I trust his naming judgment. 

12. Q - Pregnant during the summer?

      A - Yeah, right. Let's talk about postpartum during the summer. There will be about 3-4 weeks of summer pool season pre-baby and about 2.5 months post baby. Nursing friendly bathing suits, send them my way. Tether for A? Yes please. 

13. Q - You do know how this happens right?

      A - Yes, I think we got that... after the FIRST child and if there was any confusion we've got that after the SECOND child. We know. We get it. We've good with 'it' and the natural results of having a healthy marriage. 

14. Q - Do you 'use anything'? / the birth control question

      A - Sigh. I have no problem fielding people's questions about our family because I realize we maybe turn heads but if you are going to ask such a boldface question why not ask, Do you use any birth control? To answer the question, no we don't 'use anything' and if you want further reading on where we stand please reference 1 Corinthians 7:5 or check out Humanae Vitae which is an awesome encyclical from Pope Paul VI back in 1968. Read the the last part and tell me some of the things he predicts aren't 100% accurate. 

15. Q - So is this it? 

      A - I hope not. We believe that every life is a gift and we treasure each gift we are given. We realize there is a huge responsibility that comes with raising each child and training them and teaching them in the ways of the Lord. We are blessed by the children that we have and will see what God has in store for us. 

16. Q - Did you know you wanted a big family?

      A - I LOVE THIS QUESTION. No. No, I didn't want a big family. I didn't want to get married until I met Lee. I wanted to be a nun and run around Central America. So kids weren't on my radar screen until I met Lee. We were both practicing Catholics so we knew that getting married would likely involve kids (if God willed it, because infertility is so under talked about in Catholic circles - which is totally unfair especially when you want to sit in the pews and judge a couple's piety based on the number of kids they have. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!). If my memory serves me correctly when we were dating he was thinking about 5 kids, I was thinking about 10 and at this rate we might be looking to total those hopes rather than average them! Plus, I think about growing up and going to my grandparents house (my dad was one of seven) and there are nearly 20 cousins on that side and all the fun we had. It probably wasn't the most peaceful week of each summer for the adults but for the kids it was amazing, so one day maybe our grandkids (gasp!) will be able to relate... we'd better start saving for a beach house now. 

17. Q - Are you still going to work?

      A - Yes hopefully. I have been fortunate to work for two people (my mother in law being one of them) who are very flexible with me and baby and family. Beyond blessed. Totally not normal to bring a baby to work for several months. I know, I know. For that reason, aside from liking what I do and outside the home work keeping my sanity straight, I am very loyal to the people who are good to me. So work is still the plan. 

18. Q - What did your family say? 

      A - I don't think anyone was terribly surprised... They may think we are crazy but not surprised. Both my mom and mother in law knew before we told them sooooo.... 

19. Q - How do you do what you do?

      A - By the grace of God. Take it day by day. Hope and pray that we are doing the right thing

20. Q - Do you mind all the questions/comments?

      A - Mostly not. If there are any myths that can be dispelled about big(ger)-ish families than I'm happy to try. I haven't come across too many judgy people so that probably helps. I think a lot of the questions are ignorance and not judgy. The all the people who want to sit here or stand in line behind us at Sams and judge us as irresponsible or whatever for having a big family then fine. Ask me if our love has been multiplied or divided by our kids. Ask me about our marriage. Ask me about our faith. Ask me if I work. Ask me if we're involved in my kids school and extra-curricular activities. Ask me if I could imagine life without one or two or three of our kids. That's why I'm okay with answering questions because someone decided to ask instead of immediately passing judgment. 

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