Friday, March 9, 2018

7QTs - Ni Hao Edition

Linking up with Kelly and co... 


Thursday was International Women's Day... 

Which I was not aware of until I was presented with this. In China it is a day women get flowers. Also at dinner, the ladies at the table got this special warm drink with peanuts. Both were quite out of the blue and unexpected. 


Green tea frap anyone? 

I'm sure it was terribly loaded with sugar and other stuff but I needed a little caffeine kick one morning since coffee has been a thing of the past. Green tea should be added to the menu in other markets for sure


Everyone seems to be okay back stateside. 

C was a bit confused by the FaceTime but I know she'd had a blast with Grammy and Grandpa Joe and she's been spoiled but twice daily walks. She's slept through the night most nights so I am grateful to her for that!

Lee is holding down the fort at home. He said the general sentiment is everyone is ready to be back under the same roof and I couldn't agree more. 


The conference we attended it right next to a mall which we did some window shopping while waiting for lunch

This will not be coming home with me but I couldn't help but wonder how long it would take us to build. It is only $500 and would not stow well for sure. There was this really neat 3000 piece world puzzle with the flags of the countries lining it but it was sold out and I wished I snapped a picture of it. Window shopping was fun to compare prices which are nearly the same. 


Speaking of window shopping... 

After we had our last meeting yesterday we stole away to the black market for some real interesting shopping

I got prescription glasses for $30 and if they break I really won't mind. There was loads of stuff - of course - I was hoping to find some Crocs for the kids this summer but nothing jumped out at me. There was tons of everything except quality :  )


The food this trip has been quite good... 

Stingray anyone? 

I love spicy food and there were several spicy dishes each meal. There is always so much food. There wasn't anything too wild and crazy which I definitely appreciated. Maybe next time I'll try some wine from the growing wine industry in China. 


I'm happy to report we'll be heading out in a few hours. I can't wait to get home and see all my peeps and Lee : ) who has earned himself a few days off which I'm sure he won't take because St. Patrick's Day is calling his name. I'm ready to stop fooling around pumping which has required some logistically aerobatics - I bought a hand pump before I left and it has worked well I'd just rather feed the bebe directly. 

There's a whole long list of people who have seen our family through the week and you know who you are so many thanks - we couldn't do it without the village. 


  1. That green tea frappe looks delish!
    I actually was reading a book that described the best way to cook stingray. It's supposed to be very good, and very affordable. So ya know, next time you're in China, maybe check it out! ...and then get back to me as to whether or not that author is nuts. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Nice!

      I am happy to report we did not eat any stingray, but now I'm intrigued

  2. The green tea smoothies are my fav!

    1. I'm not much into green tea but when in China... I'm good for a few