Thursday, June 20, 2019

Kibbe Sharks doo doo doo doo...

We had our first swim meet of the season last week... 

Kibbe swimmers 2019

M's BFF was getting her nails painted and I gave in and let them get their toenails painted even though we weren't at the beach. See I can be cool-mom sometimes

Birth order (plus one)... I found some super sale suits for the girls of our neighborhood (let's just say on sale and not super low cut or super showing your entire back and half of your side are... ehem.... challenging) Challenge accepted!


Ready to swim. M swam fly, back and free and totally rocked and is only 5 which makes the month of swimming at the Y proof (to me) that it was worth it. 

Excellent dive form there M!

E swam fly, back and breast (I think) - she did well. She's freshly minted in the 9-10 group and swims against some great swimmers who can really push her to go faster

R swam back, breast and free and swam with great form... She still DQ'ed in breast stroke because they actually DQ you in summer league in 7-8. 

Pink goggles... always smiling : ) 

Until next time

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