Saturday, March 21, 2020

Corona-Quarantine One Week In

So here we are. I remember last Thursday I didn't think coronavirus was going to be too much of an impact on our family/community/life? A week ago something changed. Everything changed. Here is our new normal: 

Right now I am thankful I have a job. Thankful I have a job that I CAN work from home. Thankful for so many many things amidst this seeming chaotic new normal. 

We went from zero to 25 million degrees this week. J needed a little something to go on one of our morning walks. Now I'm about to embark of the task of changing fall/winter clothes to spring/summer. And now I have PLENTY of time to do it. 

What happens when mom just wants you and younger sibs to 'go play' - you build a light-up lego tower to the ceiling OF COURSE. I think they are called Brix Stacks or something. We have gotten a few sets over the past several Christmases and they are neat and fit into Duplos. If I could just figure out how to keep the base plugged in all the time then that would be good. 

School is in session several different times a day. Working and schooling and chaos-managing everyone in the house is A LOT. Everyone was thrown into this boat all of a sudden so I think it is alot of finding what works and appreciating our situation. 

C has been all about Wayne - her dog-cousin who lives an hour away. We have a few videos of Wayne and we FaceTime Wayne. They have a number of striking similarities so we keep them in good communication

This is how I feel at about 12:15

We've been going on twice daily walks during our mandatory outside time. You'd think I was torturing them most of the time but grumbling and vitamin D go oh so well together. 

The helmet. The face. The scrape. 
All the outside time with a COMPLETELY clear schedule has got us emptying out the garage of all bikes, scooters, helmets, balls, tools, chalk. Afternoons are a (welcome) slow period compared to just last week we were hustling to swim practice and soccer practices were supposed to start this week.

Here's to more family time, more exploring, more adjusting and maybe a few more scrapes. 

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