Sunday, March 29, 2020

Six Months of Baby J

This guy has been with us for 6 months (plus 3 days) 

He is so cute and quiet (except when he's hungry). He has been enjoying going to work with me - which up until 2 weeks ago - was every day. He has been known to sleep through the night and adores all his big siblings doting. 

I've never had a kid who is so uninterested in baby food or puffs. He just spits it all out one way or another and puts his middle finger and finger without a name (next to pinkie) and sucks on them until I stop trying to feed him. I booted C out of the highchair in the hopes that J seeing everyone else eat will make him think it is a good idea. Nothing like a little positive peer pressure, right? 

 To think he has been here with us for six months is crazy. The girls have reminded more than once that it was around this time last year we told them a new sibling was on the way. We had just done a ton of yard work and I told them I hope you can help us more in September when we have another baby and everyone erupted with squeals and excitement. 

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