Sunday, June 7, 2020

Drive Thru Kindergarten Graduation

Last week M had her final day of kindergarten... 

There's always a celebration/graduation and of course this year looked waaaaaaay different than in years past.

Everyone drove up and stood by their cars and the kids were called up one-by-one to say a few line about kindergarten 

I know M so desperately wanted to give her BFF a hug... She talks about her all the time and I know they miss eating lunch together and swinging on the monkey bars. That makes me sad to think about

They each got a cupcake - because no party and not food at school - much to the siblings chagrin. She had that after dinner and then we headed across town to a classmate's house for an outside movie. Which was blast! 

So even with all the weirdness going on... not a bad way to end kindergarten. 

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