Friday, November 20, 2020

The Boy is FIVE

So excited for his cake!

E (and Papa) made raspberry poke cake. Red is A's current favorite color and the cake is a huge hit with Lee and I because it is light and not super sweet - so it was a win all around. We had family over for A's party and feasted on pork that Lee (and A) spent cooking on the pig cooker (in the rain) the day before. Last year it was a bond fire, this year a pig. A pig mainly because we ran by a BBQ place for dinner and spent a bunch of $$$ and were underwhelmed. 

On A's actual bday the girls had swim and so some of the other younger swimmer brothers gathered for digging in the volleyball sand and ice cream. If there was a pic to sum up A's current mojo it is this. He loves to be digging or doing something outside that usually involves getting dirty and moving something. For a COVID-style bday or even non COVID bday, it probably couldn't have gotten any better or easier and the rain the day before was icing on the digging in the sandy water cake. 

Trucks. Sand. Water. Friends.

He will also find opportunities to take off his shirt as much as possible. 

I'm not the best gift picker-outer. Probably because I'm super practical and I usually think - okay you already have 25 trucks or 100 cars - but I was pretty happy that this toolset hit it out of the park. The hammer, screwdriver, pliers - everything is perfect for little hands - and just waiting to do a project with Papa. (It's worthy noting that he brought the hammer in the van and C halfway convinced him to knock his window  - fortunately he didn't : ) 

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