Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Lady C is no Longer Three

E was not home to make the usual birthday cake so we went for a cookie ice cream cake - because someone wouldn't tell me what kind of cake she wanted. She also wouldn't tell me what she wanted for her bday gathering dinner and on her birthday during chocolate chip pancakes - she said she didn't want to have a birthday at all. 

Lady C is now four! 

I try and pause for a brief reflection on the last year or years. I really think C's birth exemplifies everything about C and her personality. She came into the world fast and furious without a doctor to catch her and hasn't stopped since. C is loud and proud and sneaky and sweet and an excellent excuse maker and if she were the first kid and we didn't have any practice - we'd be toast. Good thing she is number five. Preschool was fun times this year and she memorized songs and bible verses with a South African accent thanks to her ever-patient teacher. She played soccer in the fall and cannot wait to get back this fall. She loves purple - most of the time - and looks for purple cars that could be hers one day. She is a boss leader to her big and little brothers. I don't think we have had a girl love to be outside as much as C though I think it affords her more mischief time. She's the one I'm screaming at to PUT ON YOUR HELMET because she rides her bike and scooter like a dare devil. C is not quick to try new things - like swimming - and puts up an excellent tantrum because she thinks that will divert our attention and change gears. She is super smart and if we can channel some of her energy for non-naughty things - then she will go far. She's definitely been the more challenging little kid to parent but it's character building for both parents and kid. 

Lady C, girl, you are going places with your energy and determination. Hopefully we can steer you in the right direction because you won't look back. 

C asked for clips for her birthday - not hair clips - OXO clips so she can make tents and she got two packs - amongst other fun things. 

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