Monday, September 27, 2021

Update 6 of 7 - Summer Swim

So I've almost knocked out the 7 Updates Posts so here goes another...

We changed pools this year and were excited to jump into summer swim at this pool with lots of friends...

E who cannot stand having her pic taken made it to two meets. She had some good swims and had fun with friends. 

R swam in one meet because of her broken arm. I probably could have let her swim in the final meet but we were just doing what the dr said. 

M rocked it out in 7-8 girls. She is seriously fun to watch!

She has nicknamed this bathing suit her slime bathing suit

A squeaked out of pup squad into 6 and under boys. 

He will likely be a force to be reckoned with next year but I really just needed him swimming just enough to be able to swim at the Y in the fall - so success!

Lady C - refused to try jumping off the blocks and thought she was the boss of swim practice. 

It was so fun watching her smile her way down the lane

Sweet J... future swimmer and forever cheerleader. 

Here's to Summer Swim 2021. We are grateful for it. Hopefully next year there will be a conference meet which we really missed this year but overall good, chlorinated fun!

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