Monday, February 7, 2011

Kitchen Renovation Day 8... DONE

Its done done done!!!  Not a second too soon. The kitchen looks amazing thanks to Lee, his brother and a couple other helping hands who worked and worked all week and into the dark on Saturday and today. I came home from work today and I felt like I stepped into another world! Our kitchen is so lovely and so much better than it was before.

Granted there are still a few small things left but it is done. A few things to reflect on:

1. I cannot imagine going through a renovation where we (Lee) did not control when things got done. I cannot imagine being out of a kitchen and our kitchen being spread out about the house for more than 6 days.

2. So glad that we did not do the ascent tiles. I think our back splash is perfect and busy enough.

3. I have never seen Lee more protective of the floors. The Bibita is getting downgraded to a plastic spoon from a metal spoon so when she is playing with gravity she does not scratch/dent the floor. More on that in the next post about the Beebster

4. So glad that we opted to get manufactured hardwood over the laminate.

5. Thrilled that we did not go on vacation and got the kitchen done. I am still doing double takes in there

So that's all. Ask questions/leave comments. I many more ideas/thoughts on the whole process...

Next on tap... The bathrooms???

(I hope Lee does not read that)


  1. Thanks!!! Lee really pulled through and got it done... Its so nice to have hubs who are handy, no?