Monday, February 28, 2011

Nose Squeezers - Product Review and other commentaries

Okay so what do you do when your child cannot blow his nose? Squeeze it out of course!

Well maybe no exclamation point there. Squeezing out E's nose is such a big bummer. She hates it, I'm not a huge fan and Lee can't watch (he hates to see the little Bibis cry). I have given three nose squeezers a whirl and have found a favorite. The American Red Cross one is great. It has great squeezing power and has a pop top for easy cleaning. We got one from the hospital - it is blue - it works well but it is not good at getting everything. There was one in the Safety First First Aid kit I registered for. That squeezer is a piece of junk I think and should be tossed.

Hopefully cold season is on the outs. We have already sat in the doctors office for 1.5 hours for a 5 minute consult and a prescription. Don't want to ever do that again - but I am sure I will. I am thankful that it is just a cold that E is sick with and not something worse. It is so difficult as a parent to watch a suffering child. Last night E was stuffy again and woke up at 11:30 with her shreaking cry and I got her and rocked her and she fell asleep on my chest. I carefully made my way back to her crib and gently lay her down. Shrills of saddness and frustration filled the room. I picked her back up and set up pillows in my bed so she would not fall out and then we snuggled until she was asleep - well after the midnight hour. I was forced to put Miss Wiggle Worm back in the crib at 1:30 because I needed to sleep! Thankfully she did not fuss to much. Times like those remind me that I am a parent to a helpless little life who needs lots of comfort and care (and my favorite of all, snuggles)

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