Monday, July 30, 2012

Soapbox Moment... NYC Breastfeeding

Please read this article for background.

I'm having a bit of a soapbox moment about the latest breastfeeding news out of NYC. The mayor is pushing moms in NYC hospitals to breastfeed their newborns. Now I am all about breastfeeding for sure however moms should have the right to choose how their child is nourished and should not be admonished for bottle feeding their child. Supposedly formula will be 'hid' in hospital and mothers who request a bottle will be given a speech about how they should be breastfeeding.

A. Who gets out of bed and gets a bottle for their kid at the hospital anyways? So what difference does it make if its under lock and key???

B. If I was a hormonal basket case and I wanted to bottle feed my child I would feel sorry for the nurse who would give me that speech because I would give him/her a piece of my mind.

C. Can you imagine if something remotely similar was proposed for women seeking an abortion - that they can have an abortion but let me give you a speech about how its better for your child if you don't have one - hmmm.... pretty sure that would NEVER happen but breastfeeding? Please explain.

D. Not a chance in the world I would go to one of those hospitals - good things Wil-town is not like that. On a pro-breastfeeding note just to prove I am all about it - there is a sweet Big Latch breastfeeding event that R and I will be going to on Saturday and E and her baby might tag along too!

E. Why in the world is Mr. Mayor Michael Bloomberg forcing breastfeeding on mothers when I am pretty sure he has never and will never and can never breastfeed a child!

Okay just needed to put that all out there.

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