Saturday, July 14, 2012

June Monthly Update

Only a good two weeks late... but better late than never!

So where to begin... The weather had been INSANELY HOT in the afternoons which is no bueno on a few levels. More inside activities required and no one or two mile walk (I have seen an slight upswing on the scale : ( ) 

R is loving her mat. She is still horribly perplexed by having to roll from tummy to back and refuses to even give an effort. She is so happy for the first few minutes then the wailing begins. E has been stuck inside doing puzzles and coloring. I really don't let her watch PBS or anything like that. We usually will watch the news around 5:30 or 6 to see the weather and stuff and talk junk about the political ads that are being aired.

E showing R the farm puzzle.

Yes they are matching for the family reunion which we had for Lee's side of the fammy the first weekend in June. Ever since I posted a while back about matching the girls for Pascha (Easter) we have had an influx of matching outfits. I cannot complain because pretty much the only reason I buy clothes for either one of them is shoes (for E because she is a little princess when it comes to her shoe selection) OR if I see something insanely cute (My Cutie Patootie in Wil-town is a bad habit)

I could not resist this one. E loves R so much and really cannot wait to play with her.
One family pic from the reunion. 6 out of 8 eyes looking at the camera is not too bad and only one major hands in mouth obstruction!


 E showing R about the importance of the Nini.

E has started wanting to sit and hold R which is physically not really all that possible because R is so so big. But this pic is AWESOME! It looks like they are deep in conversation

We got rid of the highchair so E now sits in her booster seat. I did not want a jealously issue when R starts using the highchair. This is what breakfast usually looks like.

I do not encourage this but you go to admit it is super cute!

Grrrrrr.... E destroyed one of my Anne Klein heels. Not a pair, just one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R has moved to the jumper and is skeptically excited about it.

R has also found her toes. Not much into eating them like E but who does not like baby toes.
It has been so hot that we try and go to Jibbe's pool somewhat frequently. When Papa and Jibbe are not around R has to be on the sidelines which does not last long which means the trip to the pool is short which does not justify the packing but I still do it anyways! E enjoys the pool. She is very unsure of herself and is super scared to get in sometimes and does not like to go under but I try and take her under at least once every time we go.

We trekked up to Pullen Park in Raleigh-world with Grammy and rode the train and the carousel and the boats. All of which E pitched a fit at first but then finally calmed down and realized the greatness of the 'Big Park"
Doing the diggers just like Papa
Grammy distracting E before the choo-ch ride started
Grammy and R on the train
Highly skeptical of the train
 On the boats!
 R was so peaceful in the stroller while E did her thing. Snuggling her toes and her burp cloth!

Papa was ordained a deacon. Now E won't stop talking about the Bishop and that he lives in Ohio and he ordained Papa a deacon and Papa got cake. R and E were supertroopers that day. I really need to go through and post more pics
R with Jibbe at the ordination reception

Reading Abigail with Grandpa Joe! Papa broke down and got another Abigail book because Mama and Papa were getting tired of Abigail and the balance beam!

Tummy time! But still not into the whole rolling over thing!

E in her fish dress. She has an opinion about EVERYTHING... including what she wears to church.
With Jibbe in the pool.
We put water out for the animals because the 100 plus degree heat is crazy. E only saw the birdies but she LOVED watching them!

Papa and Mama on one of the few nights he was home early enough for family dinner (which happened to be Jibbe's birthday)

Separate but equal snuggling of the Ninis - R is getting excellent tutelage!

Seriously was not going to dress them in the same clothes but R was dressed and then I gave E at least 5 different dress options and of course she picks the one R is wearing!

Reading Luna with R. Please note her left hand is holding the book up. Future bookworms of America?
R got to see Papa!

I don't think there was any other major news interests... If I have forgotten please let me know so I can expound!

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