Thursday, July 26, 2012

A new car...

So we are in the market for a new/different car. Lee and I have decided that we are not really ready to have more problems with the current Explorer - though it is not fixed yet. I drove down to Wilmington the weekend before the breakdown/meltdown (PS - every single valve in the engine was bend due to a slip/misfire by the time chain) and it would have been bed news bears to be stuck on the side of the road away from home with the girls. So we are really hoping we can swing a new or different car... Here are some options we are considering

1. Ford Expedition - I know what you are thinking... Another Ford. Well yes. For a couple reasons, the Ford dealership here in the Mount has been really good/helpful with getting the Explorer fixed over the past few months, it is an American made car (enter Uncle Kev's speech about Toyota and USA parts), and of the American car brands they are not part of ObamaMotors - thanks for not taking taxpayer money.

2. GMC Acadia - Probably the smallest of the cars being considered.

3. GMC Yukon XLT - A few friends I know drive this or the Suburban and love it. The gas mileage on this baby is horrifying but trying to stuff the double stroller in anything smaller could be super annoying.

4. Honda Odyssey - Nooooooooo! A minivan mom. I know I have sworn it off not that long ago so I cannot believe I actually ask Lee if he would be okay with one. We really cannot justify getting the 10 passenger Sprinter Van - but the Odyssey would be a good stepping stone? Again I am not sure how the Zooper would fit into the van but we will see. A few friends have stepped up to the plate and are minivan moms too so maybe I can take the plunge?

Hopefully we will have some answers soon - before our annual DC trip...

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