Friday, July 27, 2012

Narrowing the Options...

I went by Ford yesterday to get some info on the Expedition and to find out the trade in value of the Explorer - did I mention I do not like anything about that car anymore. Turns out the car was in a wreck up in Michigan which the White's Ford in Roanoke Rapid did not disclose to us (because it was not 25A% of the vehicle value) but there was some level of trust because we do business with the guy who sold us the car. I really want to give him a peace of my mind but Lee won't let me. So lesson learned - White's Ford screwed us and you cannot trust used car people even if you think you can.

Anyways point of the story is that the Expedition does not even narrowly fit the double stroller with the third row up - it just straight up won't so Expedition EL is the only viable option - which Ford RMT does not have on the lot but they can bring one in. List price is 51K?!?!?!? Say WHAT???? Clearly we would not pay list but the Minivan Mama (aka the Odyssey) is 37K list. So onward and upward to the Honda dealership today to check out one of those. Also the gas mileage on the MM is much better - in the 7-8 mpg range. I am bringing the Zooper with me to check the loadability.

Now to bring things full circle... My beloved Sprinter Van about the same price as the Expedition EL - maybe a few K more but when you are talking about that much then its all about the same right? So we would be crazy to drive around 2 kids in a Sprinter Van or at least get some crazy looks but if we are going to spend that much we might as well get the best, right?

Maybe we will just keep the Explorer after all and see how much more $$$ we can dump into it. The Sirpenteen belt has been replaced, new tires, new radiator, new coolant lines, rebuilt engine and only 69K - we are going for a record here - oh yeah and that sweet accident.

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