Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Musings...

Here's my top 10 from the weekend...

1. Its been insanely hot - as in the plus 100 degree range
2. E has been using the potty like a crazy girl - AWESOME!
3. R wants real food in a bad way - but she needs to wait a bit longer
4. E wore big girl underwear out of the house - but opted for the diaps when we got to Chick-Fil-A
5. CFA is a great place for kids and moms - I think I enjoyed my mom date just as much as E enjoyed her play date
6. Mom date without kids is in the works - just for an evening but I am sure all we will talk about is the kids
7. Good progress is being made on R's stocking - doubt I'll be done in six month though
8. Church is much more manageable when we have a bouncy seat for R
9. With the insane heatwave I doubt we will make it to the 4th parade - which I am bummed about
10. I am in major disbelief that we are half way through 2012

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