Thursday, October 30, 2014

Theme Thursday - Crack (me up)

Okay so the theme is crack and I have been wanting to post our recent (except not because I have been adding to this list for months) Overheards because the kids really do crack us up. No one else will probably find them nearly as funny as we do but in case you are interested in what's been said around here… 

Random Guy at Sam's Checkout - Where do you go to church
Me - Oh, it is a Ukrainian Catholic mission in Raleigh
RG - Oh… Well you and your girls are all in skirts or dresses and that's uncommon
Me - ...

Lady - Oh my, that is Lee's child
Me - Yeah she definitely is
Lady - I mean, did you have any part in her?
Me - Well… yes

E - When are we going trick-a-treating?
Me - In October
E - Tricka-treat is that word in Spanish?
Me - No. Actually it is three words in English. Trick-or-Treat

Papa - Where's the peeler?
E - Oh the stripper?
Papa - …
E - It's in the dishwasher. We used the stripper at lunch
Papa - The strippers in the dishwasher?
E - We used the stripper for the apple skin at lunch…

E - I had samples at the store with Grammy
Me - Oh
E - Samples and cookies. That's why she's a nice Grammy

Me - Look at those cows
E - Where?
Me - All together on your side (of the van)
E - What are they doing? About to frow up?
Me & Papa - {Dying laughing because yeah that definitely fits the bill?!?!}

E - What's that crane for?
Me - They are probably lifting something heavy for that building
E - Oh
Me - Papa uses a crane sometimes when he's putting in a pool
E - Why does Papa need a crane? He is a strong man
Me - Well the pools are really heavy
E - But he has lots of muscles

E - Do y'all want y'all's off?
Me - Ma'am?
E - Do y'all want y'all's nightlight off?

E - Is your's oval
Me - No
E - Is your's oval?
Me - My what?
E - Oval?
Me - What?
E - Is your face oval?
Me - No I don't think so
E - Yes it is because it is pretty stretched out

E - Can you put these little scraps in the trash
Me - I think you can do it
E - Don't you want to be helpful????

E - One time there was a mouse in Mrs Cheryl's bathroom
Me - Oh what was it doing?
E - It might have been taking a bath
Me - One time there was a mouse in Jibbe's house
E - Yea
Me - What was it doing?
E - It might have been eating out of her peanuts
Me - Is that a good idea?
E - No

E- Mama!!!!! my pants keep getting on backwards!!!!!!
Me - I'm sorry
E - But they're backwards!
Me - Well take them off and turn them around
E - But it's your fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me - Goosey goosey gander wither shall I wander. Upstairs and downstairs in the lady's chamber
E - What's a lady's chamber?
Me - Her room
E - Is that how you say it in Spanish?

E - I don't like bees! I don't like beeeeeees
Me - It's not bothering you 
E - It's on our plant!!!!

E - Mami… I stopped eating my feet nails
Me - Oh, when did you start?
E - I stopped!
Me - That's good. But when did you start?
E - I stopped!!!
Me - I did not think you did that? When did you do that?
E - Oh, when I was 2.

Me - How was your pumpkin cookie?
E - It was good.
Me - What did it taste like?
E - The cookie tasted like… PUMPKIN and the inside tasted like chicken noodle soup!
Me - Ewwww
E - What, chicken noodle soup is good!

E - I don't wanna go to hell
Me - Me too. That's why to have to always do the right thing
E - R, do you want to go to heaven too?
R - I wanna go to Grammy-house
E - But you don't want to go to hell?
R - I wanna to go to Grammy's house
E - R!!!!!! You need to go to heaven too!
R - Grammy House!!!!!!!

E - Where's Uncle Kevin
Me- He's sleeping
E - He's sleeping forever
Me - He's old
R - Papa's… old… man

R - It hot!
Me - No it's not too hot
R - It spy-cee
Me - No it's not 
R - It cold
Me - Eat it so you can have cake

R - Pink Mac-a-loan-niiii

R - {sniff sniff} I mell {sniff} tum-ting

R - That wittle fang

R - My wittle weg

R - Where your speckle?
Me - On my arm. I have a few freckles
R - I no see no speckles

Me - Who's ready to see Nani
R - Meeeeee…. B-i-n-G-ooooo

Me - R what are you thankful for today
R - … {thinks a little} Mmmm… Tweetle Beetles

R - Who dat woooo-fing?

{long silence near the end of church}
R - {from the front row} WE DONE?

R - We go in a pink-ka-la?
Me - No its too cold for bathing suits

Me - Why did you go pee-pee in your undies?
R - {sad eyes} I wanna be a sock-a play-a!!!!!!!

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  1. How is E so big?! I swear I remember holding her after her baptism just yesterday. Right?!

    Also, M is definitely so different looking than the other two. I love it! And I love their outfits for the pictures. So so cute.

    1. Ummm... yes she is so big... I can barely stand it.

      I think M's look is a bit deceptive because she has ZERO hair. I think she'll be a blonde version of E.

      Outfits are Hanna... Love that brand but serious hats off to Grammy for getting them!

  2. Hilarious! I am cracking up now reading these. The stripper one is priceless! :)

  3. Conversations with kids might be my single most favorite thing to read on blogs! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. LOL - those are awesome!! Adorable girls! :-)

  5. Bahaha clearly you have "no part" in that child... Think before speaking, people!