Friday, October 10, 2014

7 QT - resurrecting the blog from the lack of posts…

Did you think I'd ever be back… 

--- 1 ---

Well nothing overly interesting or exciting has kept me from Le Blog. Just busy, busy,busy. SO stinking busy. But less busy than a good friend of mine who I FINALLY talked to this week and she just happened to mention that's she pregnant. Which is not super surprising because it's her 7th and we have not talked in oh a good 6-7 months, BUT the kicker was she's due in a month. I know! NOW, no surprises like that up in here. 

--- 2 ---

School has been keeping us very busy...

The weather is super confusing when it comes to getting the girls dressed… I mean 50 when you leave the house and 85 in the afternoon… 
--- 3 ---

M and I stole away to the grocery ALL BY OURSELVES the other day. It was glorious. We talked and got samples and I specifically went the opposite way around the store - because everyone goes to the fruits and veggies first right??? - just so she would not have a conniption fit over the bananas in the cart.

Man I could just snuggle her up at any moment  (and usually do!)

--- 4 ---

Breakfast time makes me smile...

3 kids… One cereal 

Every morning it is a BIG deal to get a double 'pillow'. But in this box E got a quadruple pillow! It was so exciting to her. And then we talked about the name of pillows from quads up to decas. She still talks about get a pillow with 10 stuck to together.

--- 5 ---

In case you missed it… We are into October, somehow. The year is flying! So October = everything pumpkin and a little birdie let us try some of the Trader Joes muffins and we are kinda hooked...

For life. They are awesome and the girls devoured a bunch for breakfast and then took some for snack the following day. I need to see if I can stock up on a few more boxes... and try and recruit a Traders Joes for the Mount so we don't have t drive to Raleigh!

--- 6 ---

Oh and we had a pig picking and it was a blast

Except these are the ONLY pictures I took and I am really kicking myself : ( 

--- 7 ---

I have big plans for the month including taking M's pumpkin pic (here's E's and here's R's) and taking a fall girls pic. Side note - I remember this time last year wondering if we would have a crawling pumpkin or a newborn pumpkin and M held out to be a crawler… Thank goodness for the pumpkin patch that is 2 miles away. Oh and also on my plate is Papa's stocking and our wedding photo album which has not been printed… Maybe, maybe I'll get that one done before 11/1 BUT no pressure : ) 

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  1. Hehe my kids get really excited about the double/quad pillows too! For some reason we only ever get the quadruple pillows in TJ's mini wheats, never the actual brand-name...

    1. Yes quads were a thing we only found in the TJ box but I think Food Lion brand pillows we have found a triple.