Thursday, October 23, 2014

Theme Thursday - Good Job

Gosh I have missed doing these TT posts! Gets my blogging juices going for 7QTs for Friday… Anyhow...

So apparently Grover is 'taking a test' and he has been since Tuesday - I think. E is 'helping' him when he needs it so for the amount of time he has spent on this test I'll bet he's done a good job. 

I thought Grover was wedged up against the table and the chair together but as Papa observed last night he is actually sitting on a pot so he can do his work - sorry the pic did not come out. 

Oh and if you're wondering where this 'testing' concept came from… Nani is having an audit done at her job this week and we brought her some cake on the first morning (because everyone deserves cake the day the auditor arrives!). Nani could not stay long and chat with the girls - which they LOVE to see her in the mornings on the way to school. Well, how do you explain an audit to a 4 yr old? A really long test that the man checks many numbers on Nani's computer. 

Thus the concept of test was born in the Kibbe house

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  1. Thank goodness those stuffed animals are patient enough to take ridiculously long tests like that :P

  2. That's so funny. Kids are so creative. =)