Friday, March 6, 2015

7QTs - Come on Spring!

Winter weather... please depart from us any time now

--- 1 ---

So Lent is going... We are well into the 3rd week and I must admit I've been a bit disappointed with my self-emptying activities for the season. Why? Why? There's always an excuse, right? 

The first 2 weeks of Lent were spent snowed/iced in. So no decade of the rosary in the car to school and no Presanctified Liturgy. It's been a bummer. We have made it to Fish Fry and Stations on Fridays so that has been our saving grace for sure. 

This week the weather decided to not drop school-canceling precipitation and we have knocked out the rosary each morning, we have even managed to hide-and-pray before rest (most days) and all was well.... Until flipping weather decided to make the potential for icy roads and Presanctified was canceled... again!

PSL holds a special place near and dear to my heart because it was my first Byzantine rite service I went to back in 2005 and it happened to be the time after that I met and spent time with this cute guy who happens to be my husband. Important to me... YES. 

Always, I'll stop my complaining now and put it out there for everyone, if you (Catholic or not) have never attended Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts find your local Eastern Rite (or Orthodox) church and go and sit and listen and pray and enjoy one of the earliest recorded forms of Christian worship (like dates back to the 500s old). 

--- 2 ---

On to lighter subjects.... 

The snow from last week was a really wet snow so everyone got really wet within minutes of going outside. 

Papa was in charge of going out this round and he took on the task of building of a snowman

We are still trying to figure out why the snowman had so many appendages : )

--- 3 ---

This girl....

So silly : ) 

--- 4 ---

 Saturday was parish sausage making at our house... Lee started cutting the meat around 5 am and the last of the vacuum sealers did not leave until 5:15 pm. 323 lbs of kielbasa later I think everything is ready for the sale and luncheon fundraiser.

Keeping 3 kids out of the way of the kitchen for 12 hours...

Be envious : ) 

We hung out at Jibbe's house after swim class which was AWESOME. We ate lunch there so we could stay away from the raw meat... totally creeps me out. The intense meat and spice smell finally vacated the house about mid-week.

--- 5 ---

E informed me at 7:30 on Tuesday morning that she had more than her normal page of writing and copying the week's letter. Her teacher sent home all the work from the last snow week and was offering extra rewards for people who completed the extra work. E lose out on a piece of candy was convinced that it had to all be turned in the next day (Tuesday). 

Well I finally dug the note out of her folder and it was not super clear when the work needed to be turned in... I mean 12+ pages in one night? No way. Well fortunately for E it was a Tuesday so I was not in a huge rush to get to work and we only left 12 minutes later than normal.

Come to find out the work could have been turned in throughout the week... 

--- 6 ---

M's finally got enough hair for a bow... And she's really excited about it. 

--- 7 ---

Wednesday teased us with some 76 degree weather... 

One day M will walk.. I'm quite sure of it. Just give her a week of crawling on the cement in shorts and she'll be on board. 

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