Thursday, March 19, 2015

St. Patty's Day 2015 - Green, green and more green

We are alive... I promise : ) and this is how we celebrated St. Patrick's Day...

One of the easiest and most apparent ways to celebrate feasts with little ones is to do it visually. So I tried to keep with the green theme because... well you know : )

We kicked off the morning with green butter for butter bread for breakfast

And green milk to drink

Papa was not going to escape the green-ess so he had green Cheerios and milk which the girls thought was funny

Thrilled with the green!

Not as thrilled with the green but being a good sport

I PROMISE we don't ever dress alike but these were the only green tshirts we could wear to work!

Taking all the green in

M tried but green butter but was not terribly impressed

Of course we had to have green mac and cheese for lunch which I prepped in the morning which ALWAYS makes lunchtime much less stressful

No one cooperated for a pic and I forgot to take one on the couch before we left for school : (

E's class had a St. Patrick's Day party which was great but I mean come on - Catholic or not - who can say they've catechized a whole country? (I'll have to post the art that came home from school that day)

Mac and cheese happiness

Oh and green grapes too

I think we had fish and brussel sprouts for dinner and the sprouts were grilled so they weren't super greenish. But for dessert Papa scored some Shamrock donuts - right before he came home from work. Apparently Wally World packed up all their St. Patrick's Day stuff early. E and I were hoping for some cupcakes with clover rings like last year but the donuts did not disappoint... Except for M who was left out of the donut scene...

E and R took off the shamrocks and ate them separately... As I was cleaning up E was telling R about "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" for each of the leaves...

Over all St. Patrick Day Celebration Success


Kinda makes me want to pick out a saints feast and celebrate something at least once a month. I mean we do celebrate about once every other month. Between Theophany, Valentine's Day - which next year could use more saintly focus, St. Patrick's Day, Pascha, St. John's the Baptist's Day, Transfiguration, and St. Nicholas Day etc (we fall flat there between August and December)

We'll have to put our heads together for more frequent celebrations

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